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South West Washington Gaming League for Middle and High Schools

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Has your school considered Esports as an easy-to-enter, low-cost after-school activity? Does the idea of higher student retention and increased student engagement seem promising?  Do you need a program that promotes team building, computer science, and school pride?

SWWaG is an Esports League for the Southwestern region of Washington State. We provide a platform for schools to come together and play in seasonal tournaments, much like other regional intermural school sports.

Compete at a whole different level

Esports in middle and high schools can promote teamwork, critical thinking, and social connections among students. It can also offer opportunities for students to showcase their skills and potentially pursue careers in the esports industry. National and even local colleges offer Esports programs and scholarships. Now you can find your team, bring your game, and compete to win!


The focus of the SWWaG league is to have an easy onboarding experience to competitive esports with local schools and flexible schedules. Designed to not interfere with other Esports leagues or activities, this provides a platform for schools to start their Esports programs with ease.

Here are some of the Benefits and Goals of the league:

No league dues

Simple game rules

Game times that won't interfere with other school activities.

We are looking to start this league with those schools that are located in the Soutth-Western region of Washington. ESD 112, ESD 113 and ESD 114. You can find out more about us here.

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